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Introducing miQua®, a world-class exquisite 100% natural mineral water ‘Purified, Enriched and Crafted by nature

In the serenity of Sahyadri Mountains, nestled at its foothills, deep in a fortress of mineral-rich volcanic rocks, sits natures most treasured, and celebrated spring miQua®. During its journey within the mountains, miQua® naturally filters and fortifies with several life-sustaining vital minerals through endless layers of porous lava rocks, gaining a fantastic pH between 7.5 to 8.5 making it naturally alkaline. A perfect pH with balanced essentials minerals and electrolytes gives miQua® a superior rating in virginity, resulting in smooth taste with creamy sensation, that would leave you amazed with an experience of being enchanted, rejuvenated and blissful.

Why choose miQua® waters!

miQua® is a precious gift from the mother nature. We are proud to announce our fantastic water has won BRONZE award for India (selected amongst 2200 global brands) as the Best tasting water of the world at High End Drinking Water Expo 2019 held at Guangzhou, China, by Fine waters society. We are steadfast in our advocacy of being healthy water. miQua® should be the preferred choice when it comes to healthy hydration, as miQua® adds life-sustaining minerals to our body and not– Calories, Cholesterol, Sugar, Fats, Carbs etc.

10 Amazing health benefits of miQua® natural mineral water

miQua® Available Variants

1000 ml PET Bottle
Box of 12


750 ml Glass Bottle
Box of 12


500 ml PET Bottle
Box of 24