About Miqua
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The award-winning miQua® the elixir of mountains is of proven natural origin and naturally alkaline. During its underground journey, it filters naturally through mineral-rich volcanic rocks, gently gathering vital minerals and electrolytes like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, bicarbonates, and more. Thus miQua® is blessed with beneficial properties to cleanse anomalies in the system and promote well-being.

One can choose to drink purified, added chemicals minerals, Ionised water OR alternatively opt for healthy, alkaline, mineral-rich pure nature gifted miQua®.

When nature gives you perfection, it would be a sin to change it, as such we bottle it raw, wild and untouched directly at source. miQua® the elixir of mountains is of proven natural origin and naturally alkaline. Each drop travels gently through several layers of mineral-rich volcanic rocks, which acts as natural filters and purifiers, making the water pathogens free. It is during this incredible journey it picks up life-sustaining minerals and electrolytes like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Low Sodium, bicarbonates and more, gaining award winning taste profile. miQua® is blessed with beneficial properties to cleanse anomalies in system and promote well-being.

miQua® is hygienically extracted without infringing upon the eco-fabrics and bottled directly at source, on ultra-modern FDA certified state-of-the-art facility, with no human intervention. miQua® does not need any purification process, being wholesome and pathogens free from the source itself, thus ensuring original characteristic of water is retained. By virtue of being certified as FDA , ISO 9001 and FSMS 22000 by U.K Cert.(includes HACCP). Our facility meets highest Food safety International standards, enabling us to communicate to all our stake holders the high standards of quality we believe in and deliver.

miQua® alkaline-rich water can promote youthful demeanour, helps body to rebalance modern acidic diets, neutralizes acidity, aids tissue oxygenation and energy production. Thanks to its balanced mineral composition, apart from quenching thirst, miQua® helps stimulates digestion, lends immunity, prevents obesity by replenishing electrolytes and vital minerals lost during the day through sweat, body heat, urine, faeces and breathing. miQua® delivers a disparate flavour to each drop and prevents dehydration naturally.

miQua® is available in BPA-free virgin polymer pet bottles, jars and sterile glass bottles in variants. (BPA is a chemical intermediate used to make plastics and resins which is harmful) The quality of water and safety of our customers is our utmost priority.

Time to pass on the artificial and change preference to nourish quality of life, today !!


We intend on creating healthier lifestyles for generations to come, with an eco-friendly beverage that cares about your health and wellness, just as much as it cares for the environment.


To make miQua® universal choice for health hydration, make available globally, as everyone deserves this extraordinary creation by mother nature and significant journey it has been through.