Why Miqua
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miQua® is a precious gift from the mother nature. We are proud to announce our fantastic water has won BRONZE award for India (selected amongst 2200 global brands) as the Best tasting water of the world at High End Drinking Water Expo 2019 held at Guangzhou, China, by Fine waters society. We are steadfast in our advocacy of being healthy water. miQua® should be the preferred choice when it comes to healthy hydration, as miQua® adds life-sustaining minerals to our body and not– Calories, Cholesterol, Sugar, Fats, Carbs etc.

This exquisite creation was discovered by chance. Subsequent scientific examination and comprehensive analysis was carried out consistently for over a decade, from various NABAL, and FDA accredited Labs, to be sure of its mineral composition, admissible pH and its suitability as universal heath-friendly water. The results were stunning, as it unveiled a pure alkaline water, with rich haul of outstanding minerals composition, totally  pathogens free, known to have health enhancing qualities, thus giving birth to magnificent miQua®.

miQua® is a rare blend of well-balanced alkaline minerals. Its purity, detoxifying properties and potency can nourish and enrich quality of life, and could easily be the universal choice for health and vitality, for those who want the best for their health and longevity.

The combination of volcanic soil, isolation and goodness of volcanic filtration by porous lava rocks, results in higher alkalinity and minerality which seldom exist. Our springs are naturally infused with calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonates etc making it optimal alkaline bestowing un-parallel purity, uniqueness and a combination of essential minerals to miQua®, that is harder to find in any other brands, and virtually impossible to replicate elsewhere.


As the monsoons descend on the magnificent Sahyadri mountain range , vapour and rainwater gradually filters through layers of volcanic mantle, acquiring a rare composition of minerals and trace elements, before being treasured and matured  in our sacred aquifer, which is as old as our the benevolent mountains themselves.

Our hillside geological and physically protected under-ground  aquifer, was created when molten lava was squeezed out of earths cleft during Mesozoic Era about 65 millions years ago. Our land consist mainly of basaltic rocks of igneous origin of low-permeability, providing a high degree of protection to the aquifer. Blessed by a low nitrate and sodium content, miQua® provides additional wellness to consumers. The water is captured under strict hygiene and Quality Controls, arriving at our consumers table without inflicting any additives or process, just natural and pure as offered by Mother nature.